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Price List

Part # Item Description Price
JH01 Joe Hauler Single Bike Carrier $399.99
JH02 Dual Hauler Two Bike Carrier, Cam-Loc Std. $749.99
JH03 Cam-Loc Hauler No Hitch Movement, Single Bike Carrier $449.99
Sport Quad Hauler
Sport Four Wheeler Carrier
JH05 Deluxe Cam-Loc HD Steel, Dual Tie Down Bars, 7' Ramp, Light Mounts $699.99
JH06 Elevated 6" JH01 Lifted for more ground clearence $479.99
JH07E Econo Single Hauler 300lb max, 200lb max for scooters, Includes ramp, can painted $349.99
JH09 Mini Single Smaller Hauler for Mini Bikes and Scooters $324.99
JH10 Mini Double Double Mini Hauler for Mini Bikes and Scooters $549.99
JH11 Mini Quad Hauler For Smaller Quads $549.99
JH12 Cam-Loc Mini Single For Under 55" WB $349.99
JH13 Cam-Loc Mini Dual For Under 55"WB $599.99
JH14 Utility Quad Hauler 6" narrower than Sport Quad Hauler (JH04) $699.99
JH16 Lifted & Extended Single For short bed, crew cab with tailgate down $499.99
JH17 Lifted & Extended single with cam-loc JH16+ cam-loc $549.99
JH18 Cam-loc mid size dual Full size scooter hauler for bikes under 60" wheel base $649.99
JH19 Mid size single Full size scooter hauler, 65" rail $349.99
JH20 Cam Loc mid size single Full size scooter hauler, 65"rail $374.99
JH21 Electric bike carrier For 3" wheel electric bicycles $400.00
JH22 Dual Electric Bike Carrier Fits Two elec. bicycles w/ 3"wheels $599.99
JH25 Super H.D. For Indian Chief, SST, Goldwing $799.99
JH30 Ultra H.D. For Class V recievers $949.99
JHGK Go Karts Racing Shifter or Sport $599.99
JHJS For Stand Up Jet Skis Sorry No Sit Downs $499.99

33-0010 Compact Ready Ramp Fits Compact Trucks 1000lb Capacity $299.99
33-0020 Full-Sized Ready Ramp O.A, Length 100" 1000lb Capacity $299.99
33-0030 Single Fold Ramp For Quads, Folds in Half $199.99
33-0050 Light Weight Compact Ramp Fits Compact Trucks 600 lb. Capacity $269.99
33-0060 Light Weight Full-Size Ramp Fits Full-Size Trucks 600lb. Capacity $269.99
CCR001LT Bed Buddy Full-Size 62" Fits 2 bikes on Full-Size Truck $139.99
CCR002LT Bed Buddy Mini 53"3/4 For Compact Trucks $139.99
CCR003LT Bed Buddy Mid 57" Fits Mid Size Trucks $139.99
CCR005 3rd Bike Extender Works w/Bed Buddy $34.99
CCR006 Strap Rack Holds 12 Tie Downs $19.99
CCR007 Utilitrack HD Hook Tie Down point for larger loads $18.99
CCR008 Utilitrack M/C Chock Secures wheel to bed $16.99
PM-XDJ-07 Bolt on Tie Down Bar For JH07 and JH08 haulers (recommended for street bikes) $29.99
JH-LS2 Excel Lifts Stand For All MX $89.99
JH-TS01 Triangle Quick Stand Fits Most All Late MX N/A
JH-TS02 Excel Triangle Fits Most Late MX $19.99
JH-TIRCH M/C Tire Changer Holds Wheel For tire changing $59.99
JH-GCR Gas Can Rack Bolt on Gas Rack for all Haulers $39.99
JH-GCR2 Dual Gas Can Rack Bolt on Dual Gas Rack for all Haulers $49.99
JH-SSH Super Siphon Anti-Drip Siphon $15.99
JH-LPB License Plate Bracket Attaches to Joe Hauler for increased visibility $29.99
FL-CRLIFT V-twin Lift Fits Bikes W/Flat Frame Under Engine $99.99
JH-4SRP 4Ft Ramp 7" Wide Standard 4' Loading ramp bolts to Joe Haulers $71.99
JH-4MRP 4Ft Ramp 5" Wide 4' Mini tip Loading ramp bolts to mini and midsize Joe Haulers $71.99
JH-7SRP 7FT Ramp STD 7" Wide Extended Standard Loading ramp for Trucks/Haulers $85.00
JH-7WRP 7Ft Ramp 10" Wide Extended Wide Tip Loading Ramp for trucks /H.D. Haulers $95.00
JH-MLR 10Ft Ramp 10" Wide Extended Wide Tip Loading Ramp for Side X Side Vehicles (Rhinos, Mules, Trophy Karts etc...) $199.99
FL-BHTD Bike Harness Holds Sport/Cruisers $39.99
FL-FPTD Footpeg Tie Down Holds Footpegs Down To Rail $24.99
FL-DTS Deans Tow Strap Bike To Bike Towing $39.99
FL-WSDR D-ring Wheel Strap $19.99
FL-58PIN 5/8 Hitch Pin Fits All 2" Receivers $6.99
SHP2030 Silent Hitch Pin w/ barrel lock Eliminates hitch slop for non Cam-Lock Units. Includes flush barrel lock and keys $28.99
MS-1425 Mulitseal Flat Preventitive Single 32oz. Bottle $19.99
SD-02044 3" Red L.E.D. (PAIR) Dual Intensity Ultra Bright Includes Mounting hardware and Surface Gasket $66.99
SD-02010 6" Red/Black L.E.D. (SINGLE) Dual Intensity Ultra Bright Includes Mounting hardware and Surface Gasket $61.99