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When Joe is not busy at the shop, he spends his recreational time with his wife and two young daughters. Joe rides dirt bikes with his family in southern California and Baja California riding areas. Joe also races professionally in the SCORE Desert Series, and is currently defending champion for Class 21 (250 Pro) and rider of record for DP Racing.


DP Racing is the most up-and-coming off-road motorcycle race team that the SCORE Desert Series has seen since the Nineties.  They are congenial, versatile and public relations-oriented spokespersons with combined decades of Baja racing experience. Each DP Racing rider brings a sense of competitiveness, teamwork, work ethic and highly skilled desert racing ability that make them model representatives of the sport. They are role models of off-road racing. Competing with the factory-sponsored and heavily weighted Honda teams racing SCORE Class 22 (Open Pro), DP Racing decided to concentrate on Class 21, 250 Pro. Getting their start in amateur class Sportsman in 2000, DP Racing has steadily climbed to the top of professional Baja motorcycle racing. Desert racing is certainly different from motocross. Baja racing is a different breed of desert racing, where superb planning, endurance, complex decision making, and constantly changing terrain become additional factors.

Led by Rider-of-Record Joe Desrosiers, the team’s Desert accomplishments include:

2004 Tecate/SCORE Baja 500 2nd  Place Class 21 (250 Pro)
2004 Tecate/SCORE San Felipe 250 1st  Place Class 21 (250 Pro)
2003 SCORE Series Champions, Class 21 (250 Pro)
2003 Tecate/SCORE Baja 1000 1st Place Class 21 (250 Pro)
2003 Best in the Desert Baja Mex 300 1st Place 250 Expert
2003 Tecate/SCORE Baja 500 1st Place Class 21 (250 Pro)
2003 Tecate/SCORE San Felipe 250 2nd Place Class 21 (250 Pro)
2002 Tecate/SCORE Baja 1000 (Ensenada to La Paz) 4th Place Class 21 (250 Pro)
2002 Tecate/SCORE Baja 500 3rd Place Class 21 (250 Pro)
2001 Tecate/SCORE Baja 1000 2nd Place Class 21 (250 Pro)
2001 Best in the Desert Vegas-to-Reno 2nd Place 4-stroke Pro
2000 Tecate/SCORE Baja 2000 7th Place Class 22 (Open Pro)
2000 Tecate/SCORE Baja 500 1st Place Sportsman >250cc
2000 Tecate/SCORE San Felipe 250 3rd Place Sportsman >250cc


DP Racing has formulated a winning team utilizing the following concepts: Commitment, Teamwork, and Dedication. 

Commitment. Where a race plan is developed and well executed, especially preparation of both racers and support; and dedication to the task at hand. Meticulous planning several months in advance of a race reaps rewards.

Teamwork. Where DP Racing executes the plan and gives 110 percent.  Contributing to the preparation phase, logistics plan, and actual race and pit plan is a responsibility of each DP Racing team member. Each racer knows what the pit member and chase crew is doing, and vice versa. All racers have pitted motorcycles before, all pit teams have raced or wrenched on race teams before. Total team effort.

Dedication.  When you plan your race and race your plan. Serious, mature approach to winning a desert race.  Fixing and finishing with a no-quit attitude. 

Having fun while doing it?  You betcha!


Successfully defend SCORE Class 21 (250 Pro) Desert Series Championship for 2004 by winning the 2004 Baja 1000.  Defend SCORE Desert Series championship for 2005 by entering and winning SCORE races in Baja California, Mexico. Enter and win 2005 Best in the Desert (BITD) Series Nevada races in 250 Pro class.

Behind the Handlebars:

Name:  Joe Desrosiers  (Rider of Record)
Home:  San Marcos, CA
Occupation:  Owner J.D. Enterprises, Inventor ‘Joe Hauler’ Motorcycle carriers

Previous Connecticut motocrosser since the age of 10, has been riding and racing Baja California, California and Nevada desert for past 11 years. Outstanding mechanic.  When not racing, rides recreationally exploring new trails and single track in northern Baja. Has brought family of wife Kathy, daughters Kyla and Alexa, into dirt bike riding, and rides every weekend in north San Diego County.

Name: Mark Daniels
Home:  Oxnard, CA
Occupation:  Law Enforcement

19 years of Baja racing experience. Several SCORE first place wins and a series championship. Knows Baja like no other. Outstanding mechanic.

Name:  Julian Guerra
Home:  Goleta, CA
Occupation:  Co-owner GP Machining, Goleta, CA. Designer and manufacturer of precision metal works, including Baja lighting designs. Includes wife Leslie and family, including new son Trevor in his weekend riding opportunities.

12 years of Baja racing experience, primarily Ironman contender.  Outstanding mechanic. Uncanny Baja experience.

Name:  Jesse Sharpe
Home:  San Diego, CA
Occupation:  Safety systems associate

Young protégé with unlimited potential. Racing motocross since the age of 8, now interested in desert racing and rapidly proving his worth. Carefully chosen for his team ethic and outstanding racing ability.

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